GlassWire installation wipes out GlassWire folder

I installed 1.2.100 and I had “service” folder there (moved from C:\ProgramData as advised due to high use of SSD).
Turns out during installation it wipes out GlassWire folder, including files that did not come from installation (ie. such “service” folder).

I lost all stats etc. :cry:

Can you please make sure NOT to remove non-installation files? (tip: they might be important!)


Sorry for the problem. Our latest update is supposed to keep track of the location of the database. Is it possible you accidentally chose the “clean” install option when upgrading? That option cleans all data.


I am pretty sure I did not, I always avoid choosing such option unless it’s a last option in attempt to fix an issue

If you see installation log (during installation), it starts with:

Uninstalling previous version...
Delete file: D:\Programs\GlassWire\uninstall.exe
Remove folder: D:\Programs\GlassWire\
Output folder: D:\Programs\GlassWire
Extract: GWCtlSrv.exe... 100%
Extract: GWIdlMon.exe... 100%

indicates removing the folder, while configuration file: C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service\glasswire.conf
still points to correct location:


I noticed timestamp on glasswire.conf has changed with installation time, that indicates installation indeed keeps the location in the file but uninstallation removes the GlassWire installation folder regardless of what’s inside of the configuration file


Here are some recommendations:

  1. Install GlassWire to the default location (C:\Program Files (x86)\GlassWire)
  2. Create a GlassWire folder on your HDD (D:\ drive);
  3. Change the database path in C:\Programdata\GlassWire\service\glasswire.conf:

This will allow you to store the database on your HDD while GlassWire itself is installed on your SSD, so it will start faster.

Thanks @Ken_GlassWire however, that’s my point: I want to keep both, GlassWire installation and data in D:\Programs\Glasswire

Current installation setup deletes everything inside D:\Programs\Glasswire every time there’s an update - I think installation setup should only delete the files from previous installations and leave anything else untouched

(maybe I posted it in the wrong section of the forum place to report the issue and that’s the confusion)

If you move the database away from the installation folder then it will not overwrite it, and you will not lose it. But if you keep the database in the installation folder it will always be deleted.

It appears your database is in the installation folder according to your post, or maybe I’m mistaken? If so, moving it will solve the problem.