Glasswire is not reporting data use

I am running Glasswire on 3 computers. Two days ago, one of them stopped reporting data use. The programme is still showing activity, but on the Usage tab, it says “No current data usage - try another time period”. I bought the license to measure the data usage and it has been working fine up until March 26th. March 27th and March 28 have no data use recorded, but the computer has been in use both days. IIn fact it is my “main” computer and should have the highest data use… I have tried reinstalling the programme, but that has not corrected the issue.


If you uninstall GlassWire in add/remove programs, then reboot (it’s an important step) then reinstall using our “clean install” option does it solve it?

Yes I saw you already reinstalled but please try the above exactly instead and let me know if it solves it.

Yes it does appear to have cleared the issue. Tanks very much