Glasswire is using my too much cpu power all the time and making my other program lag

Hello i am using latest version of Glasswire , it consuming too much resources ,i reinstalled it but problem is same , its annoying and my other program lag due to this resource hunger.Any help would be apporeciated.

Please go to GlassWire’s settings and clear your history, then restart the program and see if that helps. We’re working on an update that will decrease GlassWire resource usage significantly.

After clearing history and restarting , its still using same amount of cpu about 30% of my i3 processor .Disabling glasswire for now , waiting for next update.

Any update is coming regarding high cpu usage in near future ?

If GW can substantially reduce processor use on a standard - i3 processor it will be doing very well and will have a dramatic effect on more powerful processors like the i7 bring it down to less than 2% =best of luck !

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