Glasswire Keeps crashing and not able to restart

I have got a bunch of dmp files I am going through with a debug app but that will take a while. It is on the service though. Filename GWCtlSrv.exe.5500.dmp with 5400 and 4000. Not sure if this has been posted about before but didn’t see it in a quick scan. I believe it has to do with Web3 and IPFS using my localhost as a gateway. I have recently reinstalled it from scratch and it runs now and will watch for what causes the crash but am fairly certain it is a cryptographic algo. I don’t know how to resolve this and I must have that ability or I will just have to scrap this and use Webroots internal firewall.

Anyone have any ideas? Also I am going running VM’s and Docker which have presented some challenges because it cannot be installed inside each VM or directly into the Hyper-V console as a firewall. These are all disabled but another topic I need to actual talk with a support rep about. I am going to end up just buying a hardware firewall and VPN router I believe.

Is it possible you had an older version of GlassWire and your database was somehow corrupted?

Could you try to go to add/remove programs and uninstall our app, then reboot (it’s important to reboot) then install our latest version with “clean install” checked in the installer. If it’s a database corruption it should solve the issue.

That is the most common reason people will experience a .dmp.