Glasswire keeps disconnecting from server

I downloaded your latest version of Glasswire, the free online version, i am using WIN 7 home 64 bit edition, im on optic fibre cable.

When installed it, it would stop monitoring with an error saying disconnected from server restart, a few time it would come up with an error dll missing, no further information, i had done clean installs of it multiple times, as this is the only application i can find, other than Packetyzer which no longer works, i persisted but it kept disconnecting.

One of our older versions has the DLL error. Have you tried a clean install with our most up to date version we released several weeks ago?

If you are still seeing this DLL error can you give us the exact error message?

Are you sure there are no connectivity issues with the server?

No connectivity issues i can detect, it just seems to drop out and then takes awhile to reconnect, sometimes i have to ctrl alt del to turn it of restart it and reconnect, i was using your up to date version unless you have added a new version later this month, i downloaded the latest version from your site early in this month.

If you check GlassWire for the moments you were disconnected does the graph show connectivity issues for the remote or local PC?

remote server as far as i can tell.

Ive downloaded your latest version and it seems more stable, ive been running it for 2 days now without a disconnection and seems to be functioning very well.