Glasswire Keeps Quitting on Android without Notification

I have Glasswire installed on a Pixel 3. It keeps closing down, usually at some point after I’ve gone to bed. I’ve configured my settings as recommend, but it still keeps happening. I don’t get a warning either despite having that selected in the Glasswire settings.

Currently the Android settings I have in place are Adaptive Battery set to Off, Battery Saver set to Off, Battery Optimization turned off for Glasswire.

Does anyone know how this can be fixed?


I have the same phone actually and GlassWire runs for me. I have set the same settings as you. Are you using some other background apps? Maybe the phone is overwhelmed and it kills GlassWire.

Pie has made phones super strict with background apps

We are working on a major rewrite of the app that will be out in the next couple of months. This new technique of counting data should keep GlassWire 100% accurate and no longer killed by phones. It’s no fun for us to constantly ask our fans to make special changes to our phone to use our app so we chose to completely change the app.

Nothing really major running in the background that has the same privileges. Do you think reinstalling might help?

Glad to hear about the upcoming updates though. This app has been so helpful for me. Happy to keep supporting it over the long term.


How long has GlassWire been on your phone? Is it possible you have a very long history? Perhaps clearing your history will solve it.

If that does not work perhaps a reinstall will help.

We will keep working hard on the update! Thanks for your support.