GlassWire keeps resetting settings

Sorry for the issue! I can say that the Android and Windows apps don’t interact in any way.

To access the GlassWire settings go to the top left “GlassWire” menu and choose “Settings”. You are now under the “General” tab in the settings.

The “Begin idle mode” allows you to choose if GlassWire will detect if your computer is idle or not and show that info on the graph. Showing your computer is idle on the graph is useful because if you notice strange network activity while you were idle then you will probably want to investigate what happened during that time period.

“Run on startup” makes GlassWire start when you start up your computer.

“Enable tray notifications” allows tray alerts to temporarily appear on your computer desktop and alert you to possible problems. If you only need to disable these notifications temporarily you can go to the top left GlassWire menu in the main window and choose “snooze alerts”.

“Send GlassWire Alerts to Windows Event Log” duplicates alerts to you Windows logs.

“Enable admin account password request” keeps GlassWire more secure by only allowing changes to GlassWire if you have your admin password. Otherwise anyone who has access to your computer could easily change your GlassWire settings any time.

“Use system time format” to allow GlassWire to follow the time format specified in your system settings, otherwise it will follow the language settings.

“Look up DNS names for hosts (nslookup)” resolves DNS names via Nslookup.

“Bandwidth Speed Units” allows you to choose bytes or bits per second.

“Clear history” lets you to easily delete your graph history. We never have access to your graph history and your graph history is only stored locally on your computer.

This may help you,
Rachel Gomez

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