Glasswire Midnight Theme

Hello, I had some suggestions for additional paid options regarding the application interface:

  • Black theme (not just dark gray/blue, but close to #000000 background color) with white on black text
  • Customizable graph colors instead of preset color pairs

I know a lot of people would find this highly aesthetic including myself.
Overall great product


Thanks for your feedback. For Android we recently added an “OLED” and “Deep Space” theme for paid users. It’s extremely dark. You should be able to get access to it if you go to our bottom right menu and choose “themes”.

If you are talking about Windows we will discuss improving the themes in the future. For Windows themes go to the top left menu and choose “themes”.

Yes, I was referring to the Windows client. Thanks for your consideration, I think this would draw a lot of people to the product (goes along with your “hacker sale,” etc)

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