Glasswire Monitoring of Bridged Connections

I guess this question may be shot down instantly due to how windows handles bridged connections. I was wondering if you have any plans for Glasswire to Monitor two bridged connections via the Mac Bridge Miniport?

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First I had to Google what a Mac Bridge Miniport is. :smile:

So far you’re the first person to ask about it and I didn’t know what it was right away so I can confirm we have no plans to monitor connections via the Mac Bridge Miniport.

Of course if we get a lot of people requesting this in the future we’ll consider adding support if it’s technically possible. Do a lot of people use this Windows feature? Does this feature exist in Windows 8.1/10?

Yes, it has been a feature since Windows XP and is included in 8.1/10. I’m not sure if a lot of people use this feature, so I don’t have that answer for you, sorry. I just love the interface of Glass Wire so much and would be a simple way to setup monitoring of an entire network with a Windows PC.

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I agree monitoring my entire network would be very useful.

I’m reviving this thread as I don’t see that it has been implemented and I want to provide justification for the request.

I only have a simple network – a Verizon wireless internet router which provides wireless and four ethernet ports in addition to being the internet gateway. To that I connect via ethernet a Netgear router which also provides wireless and 4 e-net ports. All my devices (including Glasswire) are connected to the Netgear router and this subnet is the only “network” that Glasswire identifies. One of those devices is an AV reciever that is connected to the Netgear subnet via a Netgear network extender (bridge). Neither the gateway nor the bridge nor the device connected to the bridge appear in the Network list. It only includes the one subnet. (I realize that a bridge is typically a router that connects a subnet to an existing network or subnet. The extender is simply a wireless AP that provides an ethernet port – but it is effectively a “bridge”.)

I could have connected my entire system directly to the Verizon router, but due to reported issues with Verizon billing for usage overages (complaints that I have found to be incorrect), I wanted to monitor throughput for my entire system which the Verizon router does not have software. This is one reason I use Genie to monitor my Netgear router and devices. Glasswire adds additional App level function as well as great visuals (except for the Network list which I cover in another post) and problem detection. Incidentally, Genie running on the Netgear router, shows all these devices in it’s Network map (though there are bugs in the display).

To be at all effective for network control, Glasswire needs to be able to handle a network greater than a single subnet. (If this function exists, I can’t see it with my config.)

BTW, the Network display includes my Netgear router (, but does not include the device that Glasswire runs on. Again, detail in another post – just included for complete info.