glassWire need a big update

I use comodo firewall I found TCP UDP ICMP IGMP and others rules I can make it
but I can not found it in glasswire. so I hope glasswire can add it .
HIPS and firewall IN OUT Rules
thanks all

Thank you for your feedback.

We would like to learn more about those rules and how you use them, and why you find them useful. Thanks!

@6CAT-COMODO was also asking about HIPS (Host-based Intrusion Prevention System).

Is there any idea/plan to provide HIPS?.

I think a lot of those types of systems tend to have false positives, and that’s something we don’t really want to get into dealing with right now. It’s almost like an antivirus. I don’t think we have the resources.

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I’m glad to hear that you know your not going to try to do everything.

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yep this is HIPS about system safe

OK but in future
THE HIPS is one way
did u know the malware defender this soft 。

I hope can use the RULES MOD in glasswire。

glasswire UI is best more then COMODO 。 I love it 。ui is best 。but if add the RULES mod。

We are actually working on rules right now. :slight_smile:

this is COMODO UI is too low too simple I don not like it .

good lucky .and thanks U . I will always feedback for glasswire

could me add your steam .can use sound taking about glasswire firewall rules things .my steam id msi6CAT-FAMAS my ts is I want taking with u

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