GlassWire needs to be prettier

The main program window is fine, the features are all great. I just discovered it and using it in trial mode at the moment. While the per-app monitoring/notification/firewall features are great, there’s a definite lack of options for customization of the network monitor:

->Instead of the GlassWire icon in the taskbar there should be a little updating box graph icon, with a few different options as well.
->Why can’t I choose my own colors. There should be an RGB option for every single part of the interface including the text. Only 3 themes simply isn’t enough, the preset graph color options are sorely lacking as well. Its especially noticeable in the mini window, where the majority of colors just look bad. It needs a full whole page of settings related only to appearance.
->The way the graph lines flicker(in the main window and mini window) just gives me a headache from looking at it. No option for changing the “fps” of the graph(to lower it), for example for it to update only once or twice a second. Also needs options to change the density of the lines. Every available setting doesn’t need to look great, let people play around and make it look the way they want.
->The graph is almost just eye-candy, especially for the mini-window since it doesn’t feature the option for a semi-transparent scale behind the color lines (both for bandwidth and time). A cursory glance at the window tells you next to nothing other than “yes my net is being used” or “not”.
->The mini-viewer sorely lacks the option for “click-through”, its perpetually in the way and therefore unusable unless I’m just afk!
->In the main window, the connection lists should support scrolling down, options to delete or hide entries, and “view hidden”.
->The “pause” button on the graph is perplexing and useless without the ability to scroll backwards while paused, the information isn’t clear because of the lack of a proper scale in the background. 5 minutes is simply nowhere near enough to be useful.

The lack of these features severely limit the “fun” in using such a program, if I can’t use the mini-viewer and get no indicator in the taskbar as well, the only way to check my network usage is to open and close the app each time. The inconvenience is frustrating because of how good the functionality of the program is.

Thanks, have a nice day!

Thanks for your feedback.

For the taskbar Windows has no official API to add a graph there. Some other apps do this, but it’s actually kind of a “hack” that can be disabled by a future Windows update. We try to stick to official APIs so our app won’t suddenly lose a major feature in the future.

You can scroll back in time when paused. Pause, then use the bottom sliders.