Glasswire network sharing

Hi guys,

I want to monitor the traffic of a samsung flip chart.

I am doing an internship right now, and I spoke with the head of IT about the samsung flip chart they have in one of the meeting rooms, security concerns came up and

I offered that I would try to make kind of a background check on this device and the behaviour.

I hoped for already done security checkups in the web, but couldn’t find anything useful.

So I thought of using Glasswire, as it not only captures the packages but already analyzes it and well it’s easy to use and very simple to see all the connections and stuff.

For testing I setup an old laptop at home to share its wifi connection with the LAN adapter (pretty easy to do),

then I connected a second laptop to the lan port of the first laptop and I used the internet connection over this setup.

It worked well. For testing I downloaded the windows10.iso and in task manager I saw how the first laptop pulled 70mbit/s and sent 75 via lan to the second laptop. Exactly what I wanted.

Now I tried to set up Glasswire.

But Glasswire does not capture/show the traffic going to the LAN laptop. It only showed the traffic for the laptop with the wifi connection.

Is there a way where I can like modify glasswire so that it also picks up the traffic going to the lan connected device? I guess it only picks up the traffic for the IP of the machine on which it is installed.

And if not do you know of any other solution for my problem?

Note that I don’t have full Admin privileges on this company network. It is a pretty big company and I really don’t wanna mess with firewall and router settings of the network.



I am unfamiliar with the Samsung Flip Chart. Does it run Windows? You installed GlassWire on it? What do the laptops have to do with the Flip Chart?

We use a Windows API to pick up network data and it should pick up all LAN and external data.

No it has not windows. it’s a custom samsung android thing, on which you cannot install programs/apps.

Well as stated above. I want to monitor what data my samsung flip chart sends and receives. So the chart right now Is connected to my laptop which has internet access over wifi. I can monitor the things my laptop does in the network with glasswire, but i cannot monitor the things the flipchart does, even tough it connects trough my laptop to the network.

It basically is a dual network adapter setup. I have one network adapter that is connected to a network with internet access, and I have the second network adapter which is connected to the flipchart. The first network adapter is configured to share its connection to the network with internet access to the second networkt adapter. And this setup works perfectly. The only problem is, that Glasswire does not pickup the traffic that goes from the first network adapter to the second. But windows does show it in Task Manager for example.

GlassWire is an endpoint monitor and will monitor detailed network activity on the device it is installed on. It’s not made to monitor traffic on other devices it is not installed on. We do have an Android app, so perhaps if the Samsung device allows installs from Google Play we can monitor in detail with our Android app.

Just search Google Play for GlassWire with the Android device if it has that functionality.

GlassWire does have our “Things” tab which lists the devices that are on your network but GlassWire would have to interface with a router to see the network activity of those devices and we don’t do that yet. I can see you have made kind of a work around but GlassWire isn’t made to work that way unfortunately so I don’t think it will do what you need. It’s difficult to recommend something for you since you have kind of a hack going on.

If you’re able to do what you need with that “hack” please post the details here and it may help other people in the future. Meanwhile we hope to add the ability to monitor the entire network in the future.

Ok I understand.
Unfortunately the device is not able to install apps, so that is not possible.
I hope that I can make this work somehow but I doubt it.
Will post updates if I find success.
Looking forward to whole netowork monitoring.

GlassWire should show all throughput on the network adapter with the Internet connection. It doesn’t appear to but other network monitors, e.g. networx, do.

It shouldn’t matter whether I use Internet Connection Sharing or, as in this case, a WiFi hotspot to allow other devices to connect to the GlassWire computer. All Internet traffic from this computer should be monitored by GlassWire.

I’m surprised that this is still an unresolved issue:

Thanks! Will look into it and provide updates!