Glasswire + Norton Lifelock + Adguard + NordVPN

Hi there,

I am trying to evaluate Glasswire, but Norton LifeLock won’t even allow it to install. I disabled Norton LifeLock protection and tried to install, got blocked.

Current setup:

Windows 10 64 20H2 19042.789
Adguard 7.5.3

My goal: use this setup above (working atm) with Glasswire (the idea is to disable Norton Firewall and use Glasswire instead).

Question #1: does any1 know how to install Glasswire with Norton or did it successfully?
Question #2: would it work with NordVPN and Adguard?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Sorry for the issue.

I have had customers contact me about using Norton with GlassWire and I don’t recall anyone ever reporting any issues with GlassWire being unable to install at all.

What error are you seeing exactly when you try to install GlassWire? Is it possible to send a screenshot to me via email, or post it here?

Nord customers have also told me that their VPN bypasses the Windows Firewall API. They are the only VPN that I know of that does this. A work around is to just use your Windows VPN software with Nord’s service.

You could use GlassWire purely as a network security monitor and use none of our firewall features if you can get our app to install. Many IT and Infosec Pros use our app only for network monitoring and they keep our firewall switched to “off”.

I’m curious about why GlassWire won’t install at all. That’s not something I have seen before. Please send details if possible.

I found this link on how to not use the Norton firewall if it’s useful for you.

Thank you for the quick reply!

Norton seems to detect glasswire install as a threat and blocks it (install message reads “install failed”).

Fact is, after using Norton for more than a decade, I am really pissed by it’s intrusive marketing. I just uninstalled it and migrated to another av solution (Kaspersky).

Successfully installed Glasswire and already bought it!

Really essential piece of software for any1 that wants more control.

Thanks @RMCholewa. We appreciate you purchasing GlassWire!