Glasswire not installing on 21H1

I’m trying to install Glasswire on my new computer which has the latest version of windows, 21H1 - build 19043.1052.

Run the install, then I don’t see anything no Glasswire globe, nothing. Search my installed apps nothing.

I have expressvpn disabled it try to install nothing.
Windows firewall disabled it, try to install nothing.

Not sure why it won’t install. Could someone help?


Sorry for the issue, that’s quite strange!

First of all please re-enable Windows Firewall. That has nothing to do with our software installer and it could not cause an issue with installing our app.

Can you try this?

  1. Delete our installer.
  2. Reboot your PC
  3. Download our latest version again from
  4. Double click the installer and do nothing else, then wait. Please look at the taskbar for any notices that you need to click. Please wait at least 2-3 minutes just in case.

If you don’t see the installer window after trying this please let me know what other security apps you are using. I see you mentioned ExpressVPN. Is there anything else installed, or any other firewalls?


Answer to your questions:
I saw I had a old installer & I downloaded the latest version. Same issue. Deleted installer rebooting now.
Yes I have Express VPN.
I just installed it again don’t see it after install now rebooting.
Restarted nothing no Glasswire installed.

I thought there could be something in my event logs but I see nothing just a empty glasswire folder.


If you go to add/remove programs do you see GlassWire listed there? If so can you uninstall?

Then reboot.

Then try to install again from our latest installer.

Is this just normal Windows 10, or is it an ARM version or something like that?

It’s not there in add/remove. Normal version of windows.
It’s the HP Pavilion Gaming desktop. TG01-0023w.

@Justin_Strack Could you please send me some logs to help me fix this?

  • Run cmd.exe as admin
  • Move to the GlassWire installer folder
  • Run the GlassWire installer with the /ENABLE_LOG parameter.
  • Finish the installation and send us the install.log file that will appear on the desktop.

You can click on my name here to send it to me, or email it to us. Please include a link in the email to this forum post so I know what the logs are for.

You mean run the setup.exe again?

Yes, please let me know if you run into any problems with the steps above. Sorry for the issue and thanks for trying to create some logs.

I put the GlasswireSetup.exe in my C:\ directory & ran C:\GlasswireSetup.exe /ENABLE_LOG.

Can’t find the install.log anywhere.

@Justin_Strack I’d recommend giving Bulk Crap Uninstaller a try. See if Glasswire is listed in there anywhere. If not, try running it as admin.

Additionally, you mention having an HP Gaming Computer. If you did not install the OS yourself, run AdwCleaner to find and remove HP’s bloatware.

If you click your desktop once does it appear? Sometimes it takes a second for the desktop to update on Windows.

Did you run cmd.exe by searching Windows first, then right click and run it as admin? It needs to be run as admin.

Yes, I did that twice.

When I installed 21h1 I think it didn’t allow me to keep anything so it wiped it out.

HP changed how they do restores on there computers you basically have to know how to do it yourself. I used Macrium Reflect to clone my SSD. Then wiped it with the new install in windows.


Have you been able to install any other apps with your PC?

No, HP still uses a recovery image/partition that has their preloaded OEM bloat on it.

I’d recommend getting the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft and using a USB to create installation media. Then use that to delete all partitions and proceed with letting Windows create it all for you. It will be a base Windows 10 install with no OEM preloaded bloat.

Yes, I’m tired of trying. @Tarun I had problems installing Bulk Crap Uninstaller all kinds of .dll problems. Virtual Run time problems with the application.

There’s also a portable version. It honestly sounds like you have problems with your installation and a reinstall would be the best bet. See the segment I mentioned about using the Media Creation Tool.


This isn’t a common issue we’re seeing. It may be a good idea to do a clean install of Windows 10.

@Tarun, I have the tool & downloaded it last night. I will try everything this weekend.

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If you have any questions or problems please let me know.

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