Glasswire not replaying request

Hi! I have been a mac user since the release of Windows Vista and just got back into using Windows on a new computer this week. I am used to Little Snitch on Mac which is a very similar application to GlassWire.

I use GlassWire in the “Ask to connect” mode, Little Snitch has the exact same functionality. But there is an important difference, when GlassWire asks to allow a request, even if allowing it, the request seems to be cancelled. Little Snitch will allow the request to go through when accepting it. This behaviour is very tiresome as I need to restart all apps which I allow, and some apps have many vital network calls which means that I need to restart an application several times before I can use it. Is this a setting or a bug?




MacOS and Windows are different and have different features and limitations.

Could you give some example apps that need to be restarted? We can then investigate and see if this is possible.

I know exactly what you’re talking about but I think this is a limitations with the Windows API we use for blocking. Also I have noticed some apps deal with this fine, like browsers for example, but some games can have issues on Windows.

So perhaps it’s also related to how the app we are blocking is designed and perhaps all MacOS apps connect differently to the network. I’m not sure…