Glasswire not starting correctly

I am using a Huawei P20 phone and have found that when first starting my phone there is no glasswire showing on the notification page, I have to physically open up glasswire to get this to happen, can anyone help as this is very frustrating?



Please confirm you’re using our latest version from Google Play. Please go to Google Play and choose “update” if possible. That way you can be sure you’re using our latest software.

Once you’re sure of that please reboot your phone, is it still happening? Do you use any “cleaning” or other similar apps that claim to speed up your phone? If so you might need to white list our app.

If that doesn’t apply to you please check these suggestions for your phone type.

Please note that even if GlassWire is killed by your phone its counting should still be perfect when you launch it.

Thanks for your reply, yes I am using the latest version. I am not using a specific app to block anything apart from Bitdefender security, could this be a problem?


I reviewed the Bitdefender Android app features and I don’t think it could cause a conflict with GlassWire. I have never seen anyone report that before.

I would suggest making the phone settings changes as listed below.

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I had the very same problem, but somehow it was solved on its own, lol. Maybe new update helped.