Glasswire on top

Is there a way to keep GlassWire always on top (always in the foreground)?
My op system: Windows 8.1 Pro.

Thats funny I have Win 7 Pro and I have the opposite effect . GW is always on top I have to click the other program showing to get it on top of GW. I know Win 8 has a different approach due to the tiles having priority over other non-MS apps.

We’re working on adding a simple desktop viewer. Currently there is no way via GlassWire itself to keep it on top but there are third party utilities that can do so.

Yes one is =Always on Top from

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Hi Duncan,

Thanks for your quick answers.
I use Always-On-Top from since years - it works fine, but not (Not!) with GlassWire (:-((

Regards Pete

I have to correct this: Always-On-Top works also with GlassWire.
I don´t know what happened - I tried and found AOT not working with GW immediately after installation of GW. Now (after a couple of other operations with rebooting Windows) it works and GW stays in the foreground.


By the way - GW shows an alert that it had changed application version from “” to “”.
Did this cause different behaviour of Always-On-Top?

No. GlassWire alerts if its version changes, this is normal.