GlassWire opening by itself?

I’ve had GlassWire installed on my Windows 10 x64 system for some time. I have it set to start with Windows. Lately it has been opening by itself, as if I had left-clicked on its tray icon, but I haven’t. This generally happens right after I boot into Windows, and 5-10 seconds after I’ve opened another program [e.g. web browser, or whatever].

Any idea what causes this and how I can prevent it?

Thanks for any info!

I’ve seen this happen on occasion although it hasn’t happened to me for a long time.

Have you tried turning off the GlassWire UI (User Interface)? That will stop the window opening but will also stop the notification tray icon which you might want to keep:

  1. GlassWire menu
  2. Settings
  3. Uncheck Run on startup as illustrated in the following post
  4. OK button


I haven’t seen this before on my PC and our quality assurance team can’t seem to recreate it. Are you using the most up to date version of GlassWire?

Thanks for the replies.

Remah’s solution worked for me. I thought I needed to have startup checked in order for the GlassWire tray icon to start with Windows. But I see it still starts with Windows, but no longer opens the GlassWire UI window.

I will have to check if I have the latest version at home. I thought I did, but maybe not.

It is strange because I don’t recall having changed any settings, and then suddenly the GlassWire UI window always opened by itself at startup…

In any case, the problem is resolved now. Thanks again.

If I uncheck that setting then I don’t get the tray icon - I tested this yesterday. So there’s definitely something broken with your install.

I have jv16 Power Tools installed, and one of its features is startup optimization. I discovered that it decided to “optimize” GlassWire startup. I believe that was causing some of the strange behavior. I decided to disable its startup optimization as I don’t really need it.

I also did a reinstall of GlassWire just to be certain there was nothing broken with my installation.

After that, all is back to normal. I have startup checked, and the GlassWire tray icon starts with Windows, without the UI window opening by itself.

Thanks for the help!