GlassWire Pro and Android integration

I understand that Google makes money from GW with their terms on the playstore.

Unfair for everyone but hey, do no evil!

Now, if I buy an android license, can I integrate my android devices with my elite license monitoring my PCs? And vuce versa, monitor remote PCs from my main phone?



Currently we have no way to link up our licenses with Google Play, that’s why we don’t mention Android at all on our Windows order pages. Hopefully we can find a way to link the together in the future without collecting any user data or having to make user logon accounts.

I agree it’s frustrating and I apologize for the inconvenience.

We are considering making a separate monitoring Android app in the future that can monitor PCs from a mobile device. Currently our Android app does not access the network at all for privacy/security reasons and we’d prefer to keep it that way.

Hi, thanks for the feedback!

My take is: user account is fine if that’s all what you take. Email and license should be enough data for you to be able to link all devices together. From a privacy concern perspective, email is public data anyway. GDPR disagree, I know, but come on…

As for android app not accessing network. I disagree on this statement and will argue that you are, since you’re able to tell me wifi and cell usage. Not “using” the network, sending data, OK, I trust you if you tell me you don’t.

But being a network monitoring tool, you have to touch the nics :slight_smile:

In fact, having a server somwhere would be even better. Your win app is one, so the android app could connect to it if we had accounts.

Anyway, we’ll see how the product evolves, you have to make it profitable too, I get it!


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Sorry for any confusion. What you say is true. I am just saying that our app itself does not use any network activity at all so we could not collect and send your private data usage stats to our servers or anywhere else even if we wanted to.

Unfortunately many data usage apps on Android exist solely to collect info about which apps you use and how often, then share that with third parties. It’s very disturbing. Also, while doing that they actually use up your precious mobile data and bandwidth for their own benefit. :slightly_frowning_face: