Glasswire pro - cpu usage quite high 1.2.73

Hi, i just bought 3 pc license for glasswire pro, with the idea that i would use a copy on my surface pro 4 (i5/8gb)
even when idle, nothing downloading or much going on, looking in task manager, glasswire control service is using 3% to 4% of the cpu (with gui closed/minimized to tray)

3% of cpu is not making the surface feel much slower, but im just concerned that leaving it installed is certainly going to be affecting the battery life.

Is there anything that can be done to reduce this? and if not do you offer refunds (only bought a couple of days ago) and I will be looking into other products



Thanks for upgrading to Pro!

Do you use Bittorrent? If so Bittorrent accesses many hosts simultaneously and can cause GlassWire to use more CPU than normal.

It is not usual for GlassWire to use that much CPU. Here is my CPU usage as I write this post on a PC with a relatively weak processor.

It might be worth doing an uninstall, reboot, then reinstall our latest version with the “clean install” option in the installer. You won’t lose your Pro status but you will lose your settings/history.

hello, thanks no i do not use torrent, the surface is used for mainly web browsing.


also just tried the uninstall/clean and same usage when the surface is basically idle. 3-4% cpu

Do you have any other unusual software installed on the Surface we should test with to recreate this? We have a Surface also we use for testing but we can’t recreate this problem currently.

Feel free to email us your software list privately if you feel comfortable doing so.

Hi thanks…
Nothing else odd at all…

Surface pro 4 i5/8gb
Bit locker enabled
Eset antivirus 10 (beta)
Chrome web browser
Acronis true image 2016

Could you disable Eset for a few minutes and see if it makes any difference? Does Acronis do anything with the network, or is it mostly dormant when not in use?

disabled Eset, no difference made
uninstalled eset rebooted, same cpu issues …

acronis is idle doing nothing, i disabled all acronis services.

another bit of software i failed to mention was google drive, exiting this made no difference.

also looking on my main desktop system (has the same software & more)
glasswire control service mostly at 0% but occasional spikes in cpu is 0%-1%

so again win 10 x64 (anniversary update)
i7 6700k 4ghz on ASUS intel chipset board
16gb ram
SSD / Bitlocker enabled
Eset Antivirus 10 Beta
Acronis True Image
Google Drive
Google photos sync tool

so it seemd something specific to the surface 4 i5

Someone on the dev team asked me if you are in “Ask to connect” mode, or what Firewall mode with GlassWire? Thanks.

Hi yes, ask to connect is the primary purpose I wanted this…
(if any apps want to connect to the internet, i want to say yes/no)

Our dev team is doing more detailed research on our own Surface to try to recreate this. I will reply when they have more information. Thanks for your report.

Thankyou for the update.

I have also updated to Pro on a Windows 8.1 PC and when I activate the monitoring of Cam & Micro, than the CPU usage goes up from approximate 0-0.5% up to 3%.

ah after rebooting and changing that yes cpu use is much better, now 0 - 0.2%

thanks for the heads up!

(being a surface pro 4 with a built in cam i would like this feature to be sure nothings leaking camera but without the cpu overheads, is it possible?)


That would be also interest to me, since my notebook has also microphone and webcam, but this higher CPU usage results in more noisy fan and disturbs me a little.

We have some ideas on how to decrease CPU usage further in “Ask to connect” mode and we’re working on it. Thanks for your feedback so we can continue to improve.

Running Glasswire pro 1.2.100 (ask to connect) on a Surface Book i7 here, thought I would weigh in.
I have observed very high CPU utilization of GWCtlSrv.exe. At the moment it is hovering between 5% and 10%, when watching youtube videos in Firefox it sometimes exceeds 10%. I have turned off Webcam monitoring, which seemed to help (~1% utilization) but performance seems to deteriorate with increased system runtime, as does memory consumption. On system start its around 40MB, right now its at 80MB and IIRC I have seen it as high as 200MB.

Would appreciate further investigation, as it stands Glasswire is the major battery drain.


Please try this:

Stop the GlassWire service;
Set enable_network_scan=false in c:\Programdata\GlassWire\service\glasswire.conf file
Start the GlassWire service.

Let us know your results.

That seems to have improved things. CPU Utilization hovers between 1-2% now and seems to peak at 3%. So about a third of what it used before your suggested adjustment, thanks.