Glasswire pro - cpu usage quite high 1.2.73

Try disabling webcam/mic monitoring also.

Some other people with this issue found their PC had some kind of unusual network problem or network software that was causing GlassWire to have to log unusual amounts of data. Is there anything unusual about your PC?

As mentioned in my first post, webcom/mic monitoring is already off.

I don’t know about unusual network configuration. The SB is frequently docked/undocked which adds/removes the LAN interface. OpenVPN and Ubuntu Bash for Windows are sometimes active, but do not seem to have observable impact when turned off. Nextcloud Client, Directory Opus and Synergy are perhabs less frequently used software with network connectivity. Spotify/Steam/Office but that is hardly unusual.

When working on Ubuntu Bash I sometimes switch firewall mode to “Click to Block”. Thats all I can think of at the moment.

i have the same issue , but here is what i did to solve it. i have one processes with 4 cores , i put glass wire on cores 3 and 4 only , so cores 0 and 1 can handle windows processors only

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