Glasswire Questions not found in FAQ's


I am writing to ask a couple pre-purchase questions.

1st) My AntiVirus Securuty suite includes firewall, so can Glasswire still be used or would I have problems?

2nd) If a programs uses other system programs and I block the main program does Glasswire block the program and then block the program from using other programs to communicate?
I ask as I know some programs have a way around firewalls to speak to various servers using other apps and methods.

  1. Can glasswire be used to prevent a program from accessing some websites while allowing it to see others?

Think thats all I need to know.
Thanks in advance


For anyone other than Vashta reading this, our GlassWire help pages are here.

  1. Many people keep GlassWire’s firewall switched to “Off” and use it solely as a network security monitor. Lots of people think the most useful part of GlassWire is our network visualization technology. For blocking we use the Windows Firewall API. These days a few antivirus applications disable the Windows Firewall. In this case you can usually search “Antivirus use Windows Firewall” where “Antivirus” is the name of the antivirus you use. Then you can disable their firewall and use the Windows Firewall if you prefer.

If GlassWire’s firewall is switched to “Off” it does not touch the Windows Firewall rules at all. We did this as requested by many IT and Information Security professionals who use GlassWire.

  1. GlassWire uses the Windows Firewall API and it can block most things. With operating systems and malware there are ways around anything but usually the Windows Firewall blocking is reliable.

If you feel something is suspicious you can analyze it with the VirusTotal API.

You can also check any hosts you are connecting to, like this example.

  1. We do not block websites, but GlassWire can alert you if you connect to a known suspicious host.

Thanks for considering trying GlassWire. You can get a free trial for 7 days here:

Hello Ken,

Thanks for the fast reply to my questions, I really appreciate it.

I will give Glasswire a trial to see how it works and if it is a resource hog.
Or see if it bogs down my internet when i use net.

Thanks again for the help.
Have a great day.

GlassWire uses Windows APIs to monitor data and has no ability to bog down the network.