Glasswire reports presence of an XBox

I am trying to assist my Daughter in tracing some very obscure problems with her windows 10 64 bit setup.
She reports that when using Glasswire with the ‘usage’ tab - and the secondary tab set to traffic - there is an entry for xbox LIVE games showing 6.1 KB

She does not have (and never has) had an xbox. We are intrigued to learn why Glasswire shows this entry. Excuse my ignorance in these matters - but perhaps someone can provide an answer.

I have now installed Glasswire in my PC, and there is no mention of an xbox as I would expect.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.

I think Windows 10 has a built in XBox Live app Maybe your daughter launched it under the Start Menu just checking it out and it sent some data, then never used it again. It’s probably nothing malicious.

Am I correct in assuming that if an Xbox agent was somehow launched that it would show up with Task Manager and could probably be halted with the Startup tab?

Thank you for that further thought - will pass this on, and report back later

Thank you! for providing a quite triumph concept and knowledge with such an expertise information through which mine problem was sorted out.

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