Glasswire resolves IP ranges to incorrect country

I’m connected to Netherlands, but Glasswire reports that the IP comes from Russia. From where do you update your ranges?


I am not sure which API we use currently for geoip, but usually it’s pretty accurate. If you want to privately message me the IP I can look into it more closely. We usually update the database quarterly I think, but it’s on the client side with GlassWire itself on your PC (so it requires you to update the GlassWire app). We never see the IP addresses on our end.

In 2019 the MaxMind GeoLite database was being used. I’m not on my Windows computer so I can’t confirm that is still the case.

Geolocation databases will never be 100% accurate. In the IPv4 address space ISPs are always buying and selling this increasingly scarce resource.