Glasswire Server default listening port issue

I have tried to change the Default Listening Port for every Glasswire server, for example: 7010 (server1) 7011 (server2) 7012 (server3) 7013 (server4) 7014 (server5).

But when trying to monitor the selected servers on different ports, only 7010 works, and nothing else no matter the port.

Router has all ports mentioned opened and 7010 is the only one working remotely and locally.

Why is that?

ONLY port 7010 works.

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Could you message me privately a screenshot of your connecting client settings along with the remote server settings? Perhaps the ports were not entered on both sides? - Please check this guide if you have not already.

Nwm, found the issue. forgot to input the domain name as following: domain. com:7011
Works now. Thanks.

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