Glasswire Service Not Respondig :|

I uninstalled 1.0.28 version to install 1.0.30
but glasswire service won’t stop,it says stopping but stuck on that!
I tried Restarting and using Unlocker to delete service file but none of them worked!
Now i can’t Install it!
Please Help!

Please try completely uninstalling GlassWire, reboot, then reinstall. Sorry for the problem!

If you have a programme that is locked up and wont allow itself to be removed you could go into task manager and click on processes and then click on the process it will probably be using a lot of your processor then click on terminate or if not tree as well this should remove the program from the screen . If you want it back click on restart this has allowed me to remove stubborn programmes .If that still doesnt work you can go into the registry and stop it . I use Process Hacker as a Windows process its better than MS,s version.

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