GlassWire Service Not Starting


Question retracted. Original content below:


I have a paid copy of GlassWire installed on a 64-bit Windows PC. I bought it early this year and the service has never started correctly. I’ve also installed GlassWire on a clean Windows 10 PC to see whether there was an incompatibility with my other software, but the service still fails to launch on the clean install. Recently, GlassWire released an update. I’ve downloaded and installed the latest version, but this still has not fixed the service problem.

It doesn’t matter whether I set the GlassWire service to launch automatically or automatic (delayed start), I always have to start it manually.

Is there a simple fix for this? Can I get away with creating a scheduled task to launch the GlassWire service at boot?

Please advise. Thanks.



I don’t recall seeing this problem before. You said in your post that this problem happens with a clean install of Windows. Are there any other third party security applications you are installing before GlassWire with the clean install that could be stopping our service from starting?

Is there anything unusual about how you have Windows setup, or your Windows settings?


Negative. Everything is standard - default Windows settings, no software is installed other than Glasswire.

I retracted my question because it may have to do with the speed of the drive. It looks like Glasswire is failing to start along with some other default services, but the HDD is 100% busy during this period. I only have this problem on one PC, so it seems that the service times out and, if not started quickly upon boot, doesn’t start at all.

That’s my best guess after observing Glasswire on other devices to troubleshoot the problem.



What are the other services that don’t start?


I have the same problem. I decided simply.

Create GlassWire.bat
:: -------------> text ----------------
Net start GlassWire
Sc config GlassWire start = auto
::for reliability
Net start GlassWire
Sc config GlassWire start = auto
:: -------------- text <-------------
We put it somewhere.
Create a shortcut. In shortcut properties
Specify - collapse in the icon.
Open Start -> Startup folder.
We throw in it a label.


My Glasswire Control Service would not start and I finally figured it out. It was permissions on the C:\ProgramData\Glasswire directory. My local profile account was the only one with permissions. I added a bunch of the system accounts (SYSTEM, SYSTEM SERVICE, LOCAL SERVICE, etc) and that fixed the problem with Glasswire service and the application. Hope this helps someone.:grinning: