Glasswire settings are not saving!

after installing app everything was fine and working but after a week app settings couldn’t save and resetting to default… i did everything , i deleted app with advanced unistaller and deleted settings and configuration file of glasswire but nothing changed
it’s very annoying

win10 20h2 (latest update)
i3 9100f - amd rx580
antivirus: kaspersky internet security - cleaner app: iobit advanced system care ( white listed in both apps and also i never use iobit to clean my junks(because deleting junk will slow down windows) , just for other stuff)


When issues happen like this with Windows it’s usually due to a “cleaning” software. I see you said you didn’t use iobit advanced care, but it would have only had to run once to delete our files and cause issues.

If an app’s files are deleted it cannot work properly unfortunately.

I recommend going to add/remove programs and uninstall GlassWire (please don’t use a third party installer or this will not work).

Now reboot and reinstall our latest version with the “clean install” option checked. It should reinstall all the files GlassWire needs.

Now please try to make a settings change and let me know your results. Then go to your cleaning app and white list the programdata/glasswire folder so our files won’t be deleted in the future.

If this does not solve your problem please let me know.

Experiencing the same thing on my server, which does not use “cleaning” software. The only changes to the system in the last 60 days has been rebooting the machine twice. Currently on version 2.2.268. Uninstalled Glasswire and reinstalled, resetting everything. Now I’m stuck with the same issue of settings not saving and having to constantly re-enable my firewall rules for each application again. Remote access IPs that are set do not save and if I temporarily allow for any IP to connect it will, but then randomly disconnect every 5-10 seconds.


Thanks for your report. We will try to recreate this on our end.

We do have an update probably coming out next week and it does have some changes to the remote monitoring system.


Also worth noting that version 2.2.241 does not have an issue with version 2.2.268 connecting to the machine, as the settings on 2.2.241 are being kept. It does not auto disconnect, but as I mentioned 2.2.241 will auto disconnect from 2.2.268 continuously and repeatedly.

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hello , thanks for replying! i did everything you said but nothing changed
app settings still sucks


Could you give me an example setting that couldn’t save? It will help me solve the issue.

I have the same issue. When adding remote servers, the settings are lost after a reboot.


This is a known issue. We’ll have a fix out very soon.