Glasswire start but does not function

I too had the problem of ram usage spiking to about 1.5GB for the exe with 1.1.36b, updated to 1.139b and it goes up to somewhere between 1.5 to 1.8GB now and the service is sitting at 19.2Mb, but it appears to not be functioning anymore. I confirmed this by downloading a small game on steam, no alerts, no bandwidth usage shows up nor does the mini graph animate.

Did you try uninstalling GlassWire and deleting the “GlassWire” folder in ProgramData, then rebooting and reinstalling? Some of our earlier versions has a bug that caused this but it’s fixed now.

I have when I installed 1.1.39b, i can try again to see if that makes a difference will report back shortly.

It appears to have fixed it, as part of the install process you may want to have that included as an option, both the one in the user/xxx/AppData/local and the ProgramData folders.