GlassWire Stopped tracking everything

A few days ago GW was working fine… I recall looking at it a few hours later and there is no graph at all, it’s just blank. It’s still like this today and when I reload the app all I see is “Loading data” at the bottom.

I’m hoping the uninstall, reboot, clean install isn’t the recommended as last time I did that I lost all my custom labels and it didn’t fix the problem. The problem turned out to be some data entry on the GW cloud servers.

So before I take the final step and lose my settings and labels again, I’m wondering if anyone else is having this or has seen it before.

@Krojack sorry for the issue.

Does rebooting fix it, or going to your task manager and restarting the GlassWire service?

Do you see any .dmp files on your desktop? If so could you email us?

Do you have any “cleaning” software that has cleaned recently and that might have decided to help you by deleting our database?

Restarting the service got about 2 seconds of data before it died again. A second restart did nothing followed by the service then crashing. I rebooted and everything seems to be working again. I rarely reboot my desktop, mainly only during Win10 updates.

I do not use any cleaning software.

I do have a .dmp file on my desktop. It’s 1.9 gigs. Not sure what data this file stores. I use work VPN for work things so not sure if I should share the file if it might contain data I don’t want to share. If it doesn’t contain network traffic data/ips/host I’ll share the file. It compressed to 290 megs.

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We are preparing a major update. Go ahead and delete the .dmp. The new update has a rewritten service for Windows so it’s unlikely the .dmp will help much in this case.

Please be on the lookout for the update that will be announced here.

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