GlassWire stuck?

Today when I came home and turned my PC on I notice that GlassWire icon was semitransparent. Upon opening the application I notice a “Connecting to Local Server” dialog. After a minute or so then I’d get a “The GlassWire service stopped running” dead face. I’ve close and reopened the application but this has not helped. I’ve also restarted my PC to no avil. Has anyone experience this before?



Sorry for the issue. Please check this FAQ.

Did it solve it?

Yes looks like this solve my issue. Though I was worried as I could not deactivate my Elite license on the install that went rouge. Fortunately my license was still in place after reinstalling.


I’m glad it’s working!

Yes, we leave the license even under a “clean” install because we don’t want to annoy our customers with having to find their license again and re-activate. Thanks for using GlassWire!

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