Glasswire System Local usage showing as External

Hello everyone,

I’m not sure if I’m the only one having this issue but here goes. Whenever I move a file or folder from my desktop to my server which is in the same room and is connected locally, it shows up as external usage. I took a look in the settings and could not find anything that might fix this. It shows up under System in the Apps window. Is anyone having similar issues?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

We will test and try to recreate this on our end. Are you using local file sharing or what network connection are you using to move the file?

Hi Ken,

It is all local file sharing between me and another computer (my server). I copy the files by simply dragging and dropping them from the local folder to the server shared folder. I disabled all other adapters as well just in case and the regular Ethernet adapter has all default settings aside from a static IP that is within the local network. Hope this helps as well. Thanks for the quick reply Ken.

Thanks. We’ll try to recreate this bug and fix it.

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Can you tell us if you’re using IPv4 or IPv6 protocol? Thanks.

IPv4 is the current protocol in use.

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If you feel comfortable could you email our “bugs” email address with the IP you have detected as external? It will help us try to recreate this. We’re unable to recreate this on our end so far.