GlassWire Testing Group - Want to join?


The email was sent. Please check your bulk/spam folder if you don’t see it and please let us know your testing results.



A new updated version was just sent out. Please test and let us know if you find any problems!


We plan to send out a new testing version with changes to the “network” tab for paying users. Please join the testing group if you want to try!


I just sent out a new testing group email today! Please test if you can. Thanks for your help!


And today I sent out a new testing group email to the group. If you’d like to join our group please check the top of this thread, thanks!



Bump… we will need new testers soon!


Bumping again, to get more testers.


Hello and thank you ✿✿ for providing a free of charge and easy to use Firewall, keep it up
I like to be a part of this beta and provide you some feedback


Hello, i would like to join this test and help you by providing logs and feedback wherever i can.


@Sendai Please join the email list listed at the very top of this thread. Thanks!


Hello already joined :slight_smile:


Thanks @sunshine-by! 2.0 is on the way!


We’re preparing a GlassWire 2.0 beta update. Please join the list at the top of this thread if you’re interested in testing.



Hi Ken,
I would really like to get on the Beta mailing list. Ironically, the Capcha that tries to determine if I am a human keeps failing. The only browser I will use is IE-11. (Possible implication: Maybe I am not a human?) Can you manually add me to the list? Thanks.


@csdfg2 You have been manually added to the list by me. Thanks!


Ken from the email I received it sounded like there was a 2.0 beta version ready for download. how do I find it?



We’ll send out an email when it’s ready. It may be a week or so.