GlassWire 'Things Scan' Not Seeing My Android Phone

Installed the newest version 2.2.241 over the last one. Running great and the improved ‘things scan’ is faster.

Congrats on the new version!

So I can see that the phone is attached to my home network Wi-Fi when I look at my router’s admin page of attached devices. It lists the assigned MAC address and IP address for the phone, and that matches the phone’s internal configuration.

GlassWire detected 7 other devices correctly, both wired and wireless. But there would be 8 devices if my Motorola Android phone was included.

Any ideas?


If you check your Android phone are you sure your WiFi connection is on? Sometimes I will accidentally tap the WiFi option and disable it with my own Android phone.

Do you have a “guest” network that’s separate from the device GlassWire is installed on?

Yes my Android Wi-Fi is on and connected. I have a metered data connection on my wireless carrier, so using Wi-Fi is essential for using that device at home! The first thing I checked.

I have a dual band 2.4/5 GHz router. With a main SSID and a guest SSID on each band.

Yes, I use a guest network SSID for some devices. My GlassWire is installed on a PC using the main SSID at 5GHz. But my work laptop on the guest network on the 2.4GHz SSID is showing up OK in ‘Things’.

My Android phone is on the 5GHz guest SSID.

Well my things scanner finally found my phone. But now it has lost my Roku, and is unable to see that now. Have confirmed that they are using different IP addresses and MACs.

Still using GlassWire 2.2.241. Will try the upgrade when the dust has settled with the new version.


We’ve made scanning work much better with our latest version. The new Windows virtual drivers make our scanning slow down a lot and it can cause this issue.

We ignore the virtual drivers in our latest version and that should solve it.