Glasswire update for PC?

Hi GW! I have seen some talk in the Forum about Glasswire 3.0 for Android. Will there be an update for Glasswire for PC sometime soon? Maybe I’m missing something obvious and it has already been released? Thanks.


Yes, we hope to have an update for Windows soon. The interface is the same as it always has been but the backend has been redesigned so it works more efficiently and so it allows us to add features faster in the future.

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That was fast… Thanks!

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Thanks for info Ken!

If anyone wants to try the update early please join the testing group email list.

To update, first download our latest installer Download Firewall Software by GlassWire. Next double click the installer and install it over your current version of GlassWire. No uninstall should be necessary.


Hi GW! I definitely want to try the announced beta version, but darned if I can’t seem to find the “Download Firewall Software by GlassWire” link you mentioned, anywhere. The download link on the page only re-downloads the version 2.3.449. What am I missing here? Please help. Thank you.

Hi Ken,
Can you tell me if my email address is on the beta-tester list? If it is, I would like to let you know that I have not received an invitation or access details for the current beta (which may be version 2.4) that I have seen mentioned on the forum today. I have sent emails to about this but have received no replies. Can you help? Thanks & have a great day!

Good luck with that! It’s been many months since I’ve seen @Ken_GlassWire post around here.

Thank you for the info. Due to the density of the rock I have been living under for awhile, I was not fully aware of Ken’s absence. He certainly was on top of most issues in the Glasswire universe and always was greatly helpful.

Testing was by invite only and the link was posted in the invitation email back in April. I don’t think it’s active anymore.

Updates to April’s initial alpha release and now the beta were done via auto-update. Or a tester could download the current full setup exe accessing an opt-in feature launched via the GW GUI. Well, a feature in the current beta, that is…

Of course, current stable releases will always be on the GW wbe site.


It even seems that this forum has been recently accessed by spammers that are reviving threads from years ago with nonsense posts.

Do you know anything about Ken_GlassWire? His absence around here is noticeable.

Yeah. Ken_Glasswire’s profile shows his last post was May 6 and last “seen,” May 26.

Having been of service since August, 2014 (about six months before my first post), I hope all is well with him and wish him the Best of Everything.

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