Glasswire Update

My usage got reset once the software got updated. How am I supposed to know my usage before the update. Is there a workaround to his? Can I go for manual update? How?

Are you part of our testing group? Our normal public updates should never reset your usage.

Well If you are part of the testing group then the newer beta will erase your previous beta database
and that happend to all of us so don’t worry you are not alone

Yes, this was stated in the email that delivered 1.1.50b.

Well I noticed I have a beta version…Can you send me a link for the stable version so that I get only public updates.

GlassWire is beta, but if you got the version from then it’s stable. These guys are testing alpha versions, but we still call it beta sometimes. Sorry for being confusing.

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Yup I am really sorry about that too even I forgot that I call testing version alpha version I am really sorry about this confusion

Its seems like you are using stable version can you plz tell me something did you check

If you checked it then its seems like you lost your history my friend and if you didn’t checked this then I think it got removed by a bug it happenedto me also but it happened to me on previous version not the current stable one

the only thing I can say is it got removed because of you upgraded glasswire from really older version and if you did then sorry my friend you lost all of your history

hope it helps

Your team has done a good work in this software. But can you give me a one stop solution to this.
I downloaded my software from and after the automatic update all the data was cleared. I do not have any idea about the testing version nor do I want it…if its a bug then I am fine but if not then give me a sloution

No, I did not check that option.

It seems like you didn’t read my reply correctly if you didn’t check the option then this is a bug that will be fully fixed in the next coming version…
And i think your history was erased because of you upgraded from an older version can you plz tell me what kind of version did you previous had

One thing that is seldom done with these posts, is for the poster to state up front what release they are using. The “current public release” is 1.1.41b.

There are numerous “alpha” releases – the latest (so far as I know) is 1.1.50b.

If there is a problem report, question or suggestion, starting a post with “1.1.50b” would eliminate a whole lot of confusion.

I also think you Glasswire folks should come up with a more formalized procedure for working with “alpha” release. A few simple rules like starting all reports with Glasswire release number, OS and hardware type would be very helpful. I think almost all “alpha” testers would be willing to agree.

I was asked to report “alpha” problems via email, but apparently others have not. While a public forum is a great idea, using it to report issues does get confusing. Perhaps a new Category for “Alpha User Reports”?

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I was reporting problems by email but then I realized that I was wasting my time duplicating reports of issues that others had already picked up. That’s why I’m now reporting them in the forums with the version number at the start of the title.

Yes, I agree. That’s why I suggested a special category to help separate the unofficial from the official releases. And also providing the release number in any report – that’s should just be routine practice.

On the other hand, one of the Glasswire techs said in an email that he prefers an email report to a report in the forum. I can understand that Glasswire would prefer to not add confusion and possible complications for users of the official release.

I would happily go back to email reporting as long as I was updated (by email?) on known issues so I didn’t waste my time collecting info that others have already provided.

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The forum or email is fine with us, just be sure and include your version number and screenshots if possible. We really appreciate all your help!


Ok, with that let me provide a screenshot that relates to both the topics of this thread.

The OP said he lost his history data when updating. hiteshkhetan, it would be very helpful if you can confirm that you have updated to 1.1.50b and what release number you were using before the upgrade? (All current Glasswire releases are beta – that is the significance of the “b” on 1.1.41b through 1.1.50b and all previous releases.)

If you upgrade from 1.1.41b (the current official release provided on the Glasswire download page) to 1.1.50b, this screenshot shows that the history data will NOT be lost. It shows my history back to 11/19/2015 when I started with a new installation of Glasswire. Note the large download spike in Dec when I updated Win10. The large gap in data earlier in March is from a period that I had installed various test releases – that data was lost as expected. (More on my unusual installation history below.) The second screenshot shows a detailed portion of this Graph history from AFTER the Win10 update (detail info that did not appear when the large download changed the scale). Note the period of this second screenshot in the timeline at the bottom.

This history data did not appear immediately after I did the 1.1.50b upgrade. It took several minutes (5 - 10?) before the graph displayed again and even then it only showed the alert bubbles. But some time later – perhaps much later – the full history data showed up. (Sorry, but I was not able to monitor Glasswire closely for the past week, so I don’t know how long it took the full history update to load – I assume hours, but don’t know.)

Some information about the first screenshot and the large gap in history data in March. I was having some issues with upgrades to the testing release which led to my saving the Glasswire db up until 2/11. (Those issues likely stemmed from multiple install/reinstall cycles and me forgetting a step – not from a Glasswire problem.) From 2/11 to the release of 1.1.50b last week, I was using various new testing releases. With the news that 1.1.50b would delete “testing release history” but would not delete 1.1.41b (current official release), I first confirming that the testing db histories were indeed lost at the upgrade. Then I completely uninstalled Glasswire, restored the db from the period of Nov 15 to 2/11, re-installed 1.1.41b and finally upgraded to 1.1.50b. That’s when my complete early history began reloading and Glasswire picked up with data from the install of 1.1.50b. The result is the large gap in history from the “testing period”. I would expect, just as Glasswire states, that those who have always stuck to the official releases (up to 1.1.41b) will have their full history saved when upgrading to 1.1.50b unless they do a “Clean install”. (I have never checked the Clean Install option for any test installations. In fact, I had to go back to find out what people were talking about by using that term.)

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