Glasswire Updates

I’ve just discovered there’s a new update 2.1.140 available, how do you advise customers there is one available and how do I find what changes there are in this version from the previous one. I’ve checked everywhere withing the application and nowhere can I find any reference to an update, or indeed how to update?
I have the paid ‘basic’ version so you already have my email address and I have received no notification that way. So please advise how you inform your customers of any updates available & what improvements that update will bring.

Many thanks


If you click “change list” underneath our download button you can find the changes listed.

To upgrade your software just download GlassWire to your desktop, then execute the installer and install it. There is no need to uninstall previous versions.

We alert users to upgrades through GlassWire itself, but lately people have complained about the upgrade notifications so we try to do it sparingly, maybe 4-5 times per year.

Thank you Ken - that’s interesting to see what has been upgraded and for the advice as how to install them.
I’ve had GlassWire for nearly 6 months now in which there has been 2 programme updates and I’ve not ever been advised through GlassWire itself. And if it’s a Security update as opposed to a Product update, I’d have thought it’s even more important to make sure every user is informed as soon as possible. Can you tell me exactly how you inform users within GlassWire, there’s nothing in the main drop down menu top left is there?

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Do you have GlassWire blocking itself? If so the firewall should show a warning about not getting update alerts.

We actually show a large update on the desktop when we have an update alert. It can’t be missed.

I haven’t blocked GlassWire Ken, so unless it comes by default - I’ve looked at the list of applications in the Firewall tab & GlassWire isn’t mentioned. I’ve never seen a large update on the desktop either. This is odd and just a little puzzling.

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Perhaps you just haven’t used GlassWire long enough to see the update, or perhaps you updated on your own so you never saw it.

Anyway, we do have update alerts and I am sure they work because we get a lot of feedback on that.

Same Problem here: i saw the update on Twitter. No alert or information within the application.

So you experienced this too, there’s nothing to inform you an update is available - it is disappointing isn’t it because overall I’m quite happy with the application. But not being informed of updates does cast doubts, it’s such a basic thing. I’ll see if I can find that on Twitter, might be useful is they can’t sort this out.

I’m 100% sure our update alerts work well because when we turn them on we can see the increase in installs and traffic to our website.

I’m not sure why you did not see the alert. Either you updated our software before the alert went out, or you made GlassWire block itself with its own firewall so it cannot see the alert. Or perhaps you use a third party application that blocked us somehow.

We have intentionally put out less frequent update alerts because we get some complaints about them. But now we are getting complaints about NOT having them, so that’s interesting and makes it tough to decide what to do!

I’ve already said I haven’t got glasswire blocking itself. I can’t understand that about putting out less frequent update alerts, why would people complain about being informed of an update. It’s a shame you can’t update from within GlassWire in the same way as most modern applications do, finding it on the ‘Help’ > '‘About’ tab.

Thanks anyway Ken


Well, you can compare the “About” info with the info on our download page here But yes, we do not have an auto-updater yet, that’s true.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Personally, I dislike auto updaters in general principle. Keep up the good work! I really like the way GlassWire keeps me informed about all the other sloppy developers that have forced auto updates onto my machine.

So at least I am aware of them. That way I can decide their fate, as needed… :wink: