Glasswire Using HardDisk Usage 100%, is it right?

Glasswire Using HardDisk Usage almost 100%. i’m using Toshiba 7200RPM HDD. is it correct?

Here is my disk usage with GlassWire running while I write this reply with several browsers and other applications running simultaneously. What do you see and where do you see it (what utility)? Why do you think it’s related to GlassWire?

First, to obtain the understanding do not well english

base on the factor is three

  1. when harddisk usage is 100%, resource monitor point IO write maximize on GlassWire stat Services

  2. just one case, application crash cause the infinite increase and write on SSD

  3. i try force kill glasswire services, harddisk io return normal state

Of course, usage problems of hard disks may though depending on many factors, I want to know if there is a similar case

If GlassWire is crashing for you please uninstall it, reboot (important!), then reinstall our latest version with the “clean” option checked in the installer (this will unfortunately clear your settings/data).

Please let me know if that solves the problem.

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Ken, I think you should have been explicit that this is NOT a normal circumstance for Glasswire.


mine does the same…


This is not a normal situation for GlassWire.

Did you try the suggestions above? Do you use Bittorrent, or some other software that has to connect to thousands of hosts simultaneously? If so try switching to “Incognito” mode with GlassWire at the top left menu when using that type of software.

We also had a customer recently email with this problem and we found his PC was infected with malware, and his PC was connecting to thousands of hosts simultaneously. Please also try scanning your PC for viruses/malware.

GlassWire has to work hard to keep up with Bittorrent hosts, so it can have to access the HD a lot in that situation to write all the hosts to the GlassWire logs.