GlassWire will let you know when a new app connects - "ask to connect" firewall allow or deny connection

Hello… your newsletter says “ GlassWire will let you know when a new application tries to access the network. You can then allow or deny the connection.” How do I do that?I have the paid version and I do get a notice when a new application has connected but it’s after the fact. Appreciate any advice you might share. Cheers


Thanks for buying GlassWire.

First go to GlassWire’s Firewall tab and turn on the firewall. Now choose “Ask to connect” under the firewall menu.


For our Android app you can do the same, just look under the Firewall tab where it gives the option to block newly installed apps from connecting.

Thank you for your response. I received a notice that windows firewall is disabled by McAfee Personal Firewall. Any idea if I’m better off with windows firewall and Glasswire firewall or McAfee Personal Firewall. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Cheers


You can probably use both Mcafee and GlassWire. This is how to disable Mcafee firewall and use ours, without getting rid of Mcafee.

Also, many IT and Information Security professionals use GlassWire purely as a network security monitor and never turn on our Firewall at all. The most powerful parts of GlassWire are its network monitoring capabilities in my opinion.


@Ken_GlassWire @Dewbear This IT/ INFOSEC guy :+1: :+1: uses GlassWire purely as a network security monitor.

I have another, third-party (not McAfee) multi-vector security suite performing the firewall functions. Mostly out of my desire to not re-engineer my home network.



Good to hear! Thanks for using GlassWire.

Just curious, but what is your GlassWire configuration when you allow a 3rd party firewall to run the firewall functions.

That’s a broad question.* Which aspect, specifically?

*not to mention one which I reserve the right to not answer, naturally

Specifically how to disable GlassWire Pro firewall so that it does not conflict with a 3rd party firewall software, yet still allows for GlassWire traffic monitoring…


If GlassWire’s firewall is set to “Off” it absolutely does not touch the Windows Firewall API at all and cannot conflict with anything. Rules will only be added if you switch it to “On”.

Many IT/Infosec Pros use GlassWire and they don’t want to touch their pre-made rules and in some cases people use GlassWire primarily as a network security monitor.