Glasswire Window not visible

The Glasswire Window has disappeared. The program is still running (Taskmanager) and showing popup alerts.
I reinstalled a new download but it hasn’t fixed the invisible window!
What can I do?

Go to the Windows search area and search for “GlassWire”, then click it. Did it appear?

This has happened AGAIN! What do I do to fix it this time?

It did not appear.

Sorry for the issue. Do you use “cleaning” software or anything similar to that? What antivirus do you use? Maybe something is deleting our files?

I downloaded and reinstalled to overcome that possibility.
I use ASC; and Rogue Killer which reports suspicious paths but has not stopped Glasswire from displaying the window before this.

What is ASC? I could not find it.

For Rogue Killer, it looks like a high quality app so I doubt it would delete our files. Have you had any other app windows not appear? Maybe it could be an SSD corruption?

We will try to reproduce this on our end, and we’ll be on the lookout for other reports. I apologize for the issue.


www dot iobit dot com/en/advancedsystemcarefree dot php

capture dot dropbox dot com/dVnh7ifdOgkdSuRD

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Please white list the programdata/glasswire folder with ASC if possible. It may solve your issue if our files are getting deleted by ASC, but I am not familiar enough with the application to know for sure that it’s the issue.