Glasswire & WinXP

Hello. I discovered Glasswire on the site of Downloadcrew, it sounds great and according to the description it works with WinXP. When I try to install it a message pops up saying that it’s not compatible with the OS I’m using. Is it me or is it indeed not longer compatible with WinXP.

We had trouble supporting XP due to the way its firewall works. Sorry for the inconvenience. Our up to date requirements are on our download page:

I liked XP. Problems with XP were fixed in Vista, Win7, Win8 and Win10. Even though there are many XP machines left, it is not practical for developers to spend time on XP or Windows 2000 or Windows 98 or Windows 95 etc.

Since XP is no longer receiving security patches from Microsoft, then XP machines should not be used for reading email or surfing the web.

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Downloaded via my heroes @ BleepingC. ;-(. Didn’t know til tried to install (no XP, they still list it)…
IS THERE ANY WORKAROUND THIS ? Searched, but couldn’t find. The beta-beta version? Risk OK ;-). Gladly shove off the old FW/whatever it took. This Exactly what I need to (hopefully) cure/run off some existing ‘crapware’. Please Please Please.
Btw, it is an exciting addition to anti-m. arsenol, & best of luck w/ it.

Unfortunately there is no work around. Sorry!

Windows XP is still one of the most widely used operating systems in the world. Not so for 2000,98,95 etc. Although Although Microsoft no longer supports it, other apps do. PCPitstop for one. We still have several shop computers running XP that are connected to the internet 24/7 and have had no problems at all. Glasswire would have been a welcome addition to monitor usage.

I wish we could, but due to the way the Windows firewall works with XP we can’t support it.

Dear Ken,

Two points.

  1. For those of us WinXP users who do NOT use the firewall in WinXP, it is irrelevant whether GlassWire works with it.
  2. Clearly GlassWire existed BEFORE Microsoft discontinued support. There is no reason you could not offer to WinXP users your most recent version that still supported WinXP. You could do this on an “As Is” basis with no warrantee or support.

As you must be aware, Microsoft withdrawing support made us more vulnerable than users of other systems. Thus, we must conduct our online activities with more caution. Our need for a good firewall is greater, not less, than other Windows operating systems. Please make older versions of your software available to XP users.

Thank you.
D Trefethen

We would love to offer XP support, but due to the way Windows Firewall works with XP we can’t support it. There’s actually a technical reason we can’t make GlassWire work with XP unfortunately…

We miss out on a lot of users by not supporting XP so if there was a reasonable way to support XP we would do so.

Yet your older versions claimed to work on WinXP. Why can’t you make those available?

GlassWire never worked on XP. It was very upsetting for us to be unable to support XP for technical reasons outside our control.