GlassWire you lasted 1 day, goodbye

I’m not being rude or cruel but you guys have a lot to learn about security in my opinion, let me explain and this is not a flame post it is just honesty. Shut me down if you want to but you have lost me forever as a customer.

Last night I installed your product because I was suspicious of my computer’s activity and possibly being infected. At first everything looked OK, I turned on “Block All” mode and it worked and communication on my NIC ceased. I had time to do some digging and use AutoRuns.exe by sysinternals and do some investigation without the worry of my personal data being leaked. I got tired, checked to see if GlassWire was still in block mode - it was so I shut my pc down for the evening so I could return with fresh eyes and continue to fix my situation.

Now the nightmare, I came in this morning turned on my PC and GlassWire didn’t care that I had shut down with Block All mode engaged… it went ahead and let the whole world communicate during startup and after until I realized your software had failed to start up in "Block All’. Your software did NOT come up in block all mode but instead, let every process that wanted access to the internet send what ever the **** it wanted to. Can I just ask you why? Why would your software do this to me? This isn’t just a bug it’s a disaster in my personal life.

Thanks a lot and good bye. Unsubscribing and never looking back. Your company let me down. Hard.


Fair enough to complain but unfair to flame them by leaving so little info. Your post will be totally unhelpful to the GlassWire team:

  • You provide no real info for them to diagnose what happened. What about system configuration details, background to problem, steps taken, etc?
  • You were using software that might have disabled GlassWire. How can user error be eliminated as an explanation?
  • If blocking network communication was so essential then why rely on software only? There were other steps that provided greater assurance that a “nightmare” would not occur: disconnect the network cable; remove NICs; uninstall network drivers; turn off access point; etc.


Sorry for the issue.

For our blocking we use the Windows Firewall API. This should mean that even if GlassWire completely fails your blocked apps will stay blocked. Including on startup, before GlassWire even starts.

Are you using a secondary firewall or antivirus that could be interfering with GlassWire somehow? This is not a usual problem I have seen and GlassWire does not change its settings on its own.

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If it is very important to turn off the network, the only sure way to do this is to hardware: Unplug the network cable. Especially if you are at risk of infection. The first thing many malicious programs do is to access network communications and disable the PC security system. Therefore, GlassWire cannot be blamed. This is clearly a user error. In addition, he did not describe the exact circumstances. So anything could happen, the complaint is therefore not credible.


To recreate my issue all you have to do is run a totally standard windows 10 version with windows firewall enabled, turn on glass wire blocking and the restart your computer , see if it stays blocked. The average customer would expect this, you can call my post a flame , unhelpful or “not credible” and i could give a crap. If Glass wire is listening … as they should they will address it, it doesnt matter to me i’m gone either way.


GlassWire stays blocked on restart, even before GlassWire itself starts because we use the Windows Firewall API.

Please go to add/remove programs and uninstall GlassWire then go to your Windows Firewall control panel and choose “restore defaults”.

Now reinstall GlassWire using its “clean install” and “reset firewall” options.

Now go to GlassWire’s firewall to make sure it’s turned on, then block what you’d like to block and it will stay blocked even if GlassWire is exited, and on reboot.

Perhaps there is a misunderstanding on the firewall and your firewall is accidentally switched to “Off”. Details on how to use it are here:

I tested your issue with the limited information shared and everything stayed blocked for me as it should. Sorry for the problem and I hope you will try the recommendations I posted.


Sorry to hear you had a problem.

But if I was really concerned about being exploited, the first thing I would do would be to disconnect the network cable or disable the adapter in my PC.

no reply from him after this one huh! sometimes emotions get the best of people and lashing out and or blaming someone or something else is easier to do. i know zero about internet/network security, hense why iam here, but i have to be honest…if i thought someone could get my personal info from a hack or whatever you wanna call it, id unplug the damb cable to my server or p.c. especially if youre afraid of someone stealing all your personal info!

this was actually a really good post to learn a thing or two from!