Glasswire's Loops of Death

There is nothing more frustrating than finding yourself wanting to by something not being able to because of a Loop of Death. I got the 7 day free try out and was impressed enough to want to buy a sub. I use the link in the PC app to buy and put in my card number etc. But every time I tried to buy the sub it said we have not card details. so i did an uninstall and started over only this time when I try to buy a sub it takes to the log in screen and then asks for a one time code. But no code comes. I eventually made contact with support. I got the you must need our nice pictures for people who find it difficultly to do simple stuff response. When I convinced support to read what I was saying they said:
"Yesterday we released a simplified way to insert card and billing details, as you are right, before it wasn’t such a great user journey."

Now I though good now I can finish my order but they went on to say:
"I can see from our data base that you have entered your credit card details, but the billing address details are missing. "
but you can go to the website and fix that my little friendly customer…

No you cant because you need a one time code to get into our unfriendly website that still isn’t such a great user journey. you can see what is coming right? Yeah no code ever arrives.

Hi @HadrianBF,

Thanks for your message. If the site is asking for a code, this is because you have set up 2 step authentication via an authentication app.

Your one-time code can be found in your authenticator app.

  1. Open the application (FreeOTP or Google Authenticator)
  2. Enter the one-time code provided by the application
  3. Click to sign in.