Glasswires New Big Privacy problem: New owners requiring sign in

I’ve been using glasswire free for years without any issue, now it suddenly stopped working and is asking to sign in, and all user traffic is saved to the cloud without any option to disable. Not wise from a privacy perspective. The program is now a waste of code. How do I get glasswire working like it always has?

Who are the new owners, are they an ad, tracking, or spy operation?

You can get older GlassWire versions, the last old version is 2.3.449. Make sure to verify the digital signature before running any setup file claiming to be GlassWire, if the signer’s name is different, or it does not say “This digital signature is OK.” (select the signature and click “Details”), delete the file and look elsewhere.

Hi zatz,

I believe your concerns have been address already in this thread: Worrying privacy implications of "cloud" features, can we disable them? - #4 by domenico