Good things to consider from MB WFC

Have a look at this firewall, recently acquired by Malwarebytes.

In the below screenshot, take a look at the program wanting to access the Internet. Look at all the information it gives!

This is something that even Outpost Firewall Pro did. This is something we need in GlassWire. More information, program paths, options to block for now and choose again later.

In this post you can see where a user also said that WFC gave them more information, which they wanted.

Hello @Tarun,

This forum is for GlassWire support, not to push GlassWire alternatives owned by billion dollar companies.

Yes, we have seen this software.

@Servo_GlassWire @Ken_GlassWire Can you please unhide this topic? This is not about GlassWire Support, which is why it is posted in GlassWire General.

This is not pushing another firewall, this is making a suggestion about the things that GlassWire would benefit from. This is why I clearly stated, “Look at all the information it gives!” Along with the text after the screenshot,

I guess we can copy that app exactly which is lame, or we can explain why we don’t like that software which would look rude.

I think Malwarebytes has a very popular forum so that could be a good place to talk about their software instead of here.