Got twenty notifications for " Earned 'Nice Share' " - are web robots at work?

I’ve never seen anything like this: twenty notifications in the twelve hours since my last visit to this forum. For those who don’t know, the notification count is displayed on my avatar at the top right of the web page:

All twenty notifications where for the same activity:

Earned ‘Nice Share’

Clicking on my avatar highlights the unread notifications with a blue background:

The badge is specifically awarded for

sharing a link that was clicked by 25 outside visitors

They were all for links in different posts so it looks like a group of “outside users” traversed the topics, posts and links. Maybe they were all robots?

Other reasons why these twenty noficiations for the same badge stand out:

What indicates this is not a bug:

  • GlassWire features appear to be working fine
  • The badges were awarded for links that had not received that award before.


I just looked around Discourse and I can’t figure it out. Maybe it was a bot or group of bots crawling through the forum.

It seems strange that this suddenly happens when I’m quite sure that this forum, being Discourse-based, will recognize the user-agent identification passed to the server by a standard-compliant web robot. That makes me think that someone was testing their web-robot on the site.

For anyone interested in web robot interactions with web sites see this site or look on Wikipedia: