Graph stopped working

Been 2 days since its recorded anything new. ( paid xubscription)

Please go to add/remove programs and uninstall GlassWire, clear the ProgramData GlassWire folder, reboot, then reinstall.

Thanks for the fix! I just had this issue myself (free version - around a week after install) and this did solve it. That said, if the only fix is to start fresh - lose all preferences and Firewall rules - not cool. If this happened after a much longer time, I’d probably be looking for another software solution. I hope this isn’t a common issue. =/

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So I’m back. It’s happening again. By closing the app and restarting, it’ll log for a bit and then stop once more. This is getting really irritating. Anyone have any ideas to help? I’d LIKE to make Glasswire work and I’m not going to keep uninstalling/reinstalling (though I’ll do it once or twice more if it’ll help).

I’m running:
– Windows 10 Pro
– AMD 3.4 GHz quad core processor
– 16 GB RAM
– Dual AMD Radeon 6800 graphics cards (not usually in Crossfire mode)
– 4-6 screens (depending on mood and current projects)
– An older OCZ 120GB SSD as the primary drive (where both Windows and Glasswire reside), around 40GB or which is free.

I’m not sure what might be relevant to this problem, but let me know what other information might be needed. I have VirtualBox and a VPN installed, but I haven’t noticed Glasswire having problems related to the use of those. Nothing else should be modifying Windows Firewall.

Please go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “About” and confirm you’re using our latest software version. Thanks!

Yep, running 1.1.21b. It’s been running again since Windows updated and restarted yesterday. I don’t know when it’ll stop again. Anything to look for when it does?

EDIT: Erm, “yesterday” probably being closer to 3AM last night…but yeah. It’s been working close to 12 hours.

EDIT Again: Around 10 days and still working (the longest it’s worked for me to so far). I’m at a loss. I don’t know of ANY changes (except Windows Update) that might have done anything. At least it’s working now. Hopefully it’ll continue to do so.

We hope to have a software update out this week that should help.