Graph Tab and Usage Tab Views


On the Graph Tab, the default time period shown when choosing the “Week” display length is the previous seven days. Meanwhile, the “Week” display on the Usage Tab shows usage beginning on Sunday of the current week. That difference seems confusing. Shouldn’t the beginning time and the ending time on each of these two tabs be consistent with the other? A similar thing happens for the “Month” length selection as well as the “24 Hours” or “Day” selections between the two tabs. For “Month,” the Graph Tab shows the data usage beginning a month ago on today’s date whereas the Usage Tab displays the data usage beginning on the first day of the current month. And for “24 Hours,” on Graph Tab, display starts at the current time on the previous day while on the Usage Tab (“Day”), it starts at midnight on today. Again, it would seem to be less confusing when switching between the two views if the default time periods displayed on the Graph and Usage tabs were consistent with each other. My preference would be to have both tabs’ views match the lengths currently shown on the Graph Tab.


Good points. Thanks for your feedback.