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Hello there,
I have a question about the graph. When I click on a peak and it shows me some amount of traffic in the bottom left, just what exactly does it show me? Take this example of some peak in the graph. It’s not shown in the screenshots, but the very highest point of the peak shows 1.6 GB. For comparison, I looked at different points of the peak, like so:

In the above picture, it shows some 900 MB. I clicked slightly off peak, as can be seen. Now I click a tiny amount to the right, as can be seen in the picture below:

As can be seen in the picture above, suddenly, it shows 1.6 GB! That is almost double the amount. But my point of inquiry didn’t change much, it’s just a couple seconds off from before. I wanted to know what numbers I was really working with, so I went to Usage and checked the peak out. Sadly, I can only look at a minimal time window of 1 hour in Glasswire, so the accuracy is a bit limited.

In this third picture above, I marked the area for which the traffic is shown from the Usage tab. There are a couple questions I have about this issue as a whole:

  • How do I find out what amount of traffic comprises a peak if the peak’s duration is less than 1 hour?
  • How am I supposed to read the ‘Graph’ graph with respect to traffic amounts?
  • Why does a minutely different click position lead to completely different measurement results?
  • What am I really shown in the bottom left when I click on the graph?
  • What is up with the vertical unit on the graph, which is not in traffic over time, but total data amount?
  • What is the amount of horizontal time window for the vertical unit? As in, a peak that hits a 1 GB line will not just have 1 GB of traffic, right? So what is the horizontal bin size for the vertical unit?

I find the graph pretty, but really, really, really hard to interpret when I need actual information rather than a general wonky idea of whats happening.

Thank you


For now please check for details on how our graph works.

Meanwhile I’ll try to answer you in detail during the work week. Thank you for using GlassWire.


Thank you in advance for taking the time to give a more elaborate answer; and I do indeed feel that one is very necessary. Especially now that I have read through the blog article you kindly linked, my questions have become more rather than fewer. There is a very, very long post under that article which brings up most of what I found questionable about the explanations there.

I also noticed that sometimes GW will show the graph unit as being a data amount (“2 GB”) and sometimes a bandwidth (“2 MB/s”), so I figure it’s an oversight that never got fixed. We may already cross one point off my list, I guess.

Looking forward to your response! :smiley:


You will only see per second statistics on the “5 Minutes” where the data interval is one second. In all other graphs the data interval is longer…


Do you think you will find the time to address the issues I brought up? I think they are some fairly valid points about apparent misbehaviors of the software. Thank you, and happy new year!