GW 3.3.495 no "restricted mode" as SUA

Hi I’m using GW 3.3.495 on Windows 10 pro 22H2 , Build 19045.2728.
I installed GW as Admin and chose “restricted mode” for GW since I don’t need the AI based stuff.
I logged out of Admin and into the Standard User Account. I selected “restricted mode” and pressed the blue “Start Glasswire” button, nothing happens. The “Full Features” mode on the other hand works, but that’s not what I wanted to use.
So any hints what is wrong?
Windows install is about a week old with not other firewall.
Tldr: As long as I don’t chose “Full Features” Glasswire doesn’t open at all on a Standard User Account for me.

Hi @Geri123,

Thank you for reporting, the team are looking into this.


Hi @Geri123,

We are struglling to replicate the issue. Please can you send a screen recording including the exact steps which trigger the issue? Please send it to and address it to Katie, so that I can pick it up.


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Big thanks Imtired, for your kind testing.

I got in contact with the glasswire support and they were able to reproduce my problem.
They found an solution that worked for me and will fix it in the next version.
Workaround fix till patch:

Run regedit.exe

  • Create key GlassWire under: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software
  • Restart GlassWire application.

Thanks a lot for all your kind help Imtired and the GWsupport.

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